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GxInfra™ is a full scale end-to-end service that evaluates steady-state data center environments to enhance efficiency, reliability, dependability, and security.
Leveraging Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) expertise, our customized and automated services provide the optics necessary to refine and improve data center performance.
GxInfra™ goes far beyond just network discovery and documentation to provide real value-add intelligence to your IT Assessments. Our proprietary data collectors compare multiple data points to uncover hard to detect issues, measure risk based on impact to the network, suggest recommended fixes, and track remediation progress.
Whether you choose our non-intrusive IT Assessment modules, interactive IT Compliance modules, or any of the special-purpose software appliances, you'll find GxInfra to be an indispensable tool used by thousands of Data Centers and IT Departments worldwide. The more modules and appliances you select, the more ways you’ll find to improve your IT services and business profitability.

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