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Application Migration Reengineering Solutions

GalaxE.Solutions provides clients with trusted and proven Platform Migration and Re-Engineering Services.  By taking an integrated business and technology approach to identifying target solutions, we ensure results fully meet the expectations of all program stakeholders. Our processes enable seamless business transition while planning, accounting and optimizing for all operational challenges.  We look comprehensively at current and future business needs, system requirements, technology selection, implementation, configuration, security, and compliance to provide a fully executable roadmap.  Implementation enables clients to advance current industry solutions and establish new standards for capability and efficiency.


GalaxE.Solutions tailors each Migration and Re-Engineering effort to the specific needs and domain of our clients.  However, through our experience we have refined a common process and toolset to achieve repeatable success.  We leverage our proprietary IV&V process to baseline current capabilities, identify future needs, and build an implementation roadmap.  Deliverables from the IV&V process are used to facilitate key technology decisions and pilot enabling solutions.  Following this pilot phase we partner with our client to prioritize system needs, set program budget and timeline constraints, identify tracking metrics, and establish success criteria.  Our PMO services are leveraged to ensure all program controls are fully enforced.  We believe strongly in business driven engineering, and stay in contact with program stakeholders throughout the program lifecycle ensuring that requirements remain as current and relevant at the end of the program as they are during the pilot phase.

We have unique experience and capability facilitating PBM (Pharmacy Benefit Management) migration.  Our teams have worked with all of the major PBM service providers and possess a deep understanding of the technology and data solutions required for successfully migrating millions of Members across vendor platforms without impacting the quality of service to payers, providers, pharmacies, or members.

​GalaxE.Solutions has also leveraged our Re-Engineering expertise to successfully rebuild eligibility and enrollment processes for one of the largest Medicare Part-D programs.  With a focus on automated workflows, full traceability of all inbound and outbound data, and metric driven operations GalaxE.Solutions has enabled order of magnitude improvements in efficiency and accuracy of data.

Our oganization has also re-engineered a pharmaceutical case management platform, reducing the time to roll-out a new FDA REMS-validated drug program from 6 months to approximately 6 weeks.​​

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