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Master Data Management Solutions

Our systems have a proven track record of successful implementation and demonstrated return on investment.  Through the implementation of open interfaces we can significantly lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and eliminate layers of abstraction that result in loose coupling.  Master Data Management (MDM) ensures an efficient platform upgrade path and maintains isolation of roles, responsibilities and access mechanisms through a simple, ergonomic and effective front end that abstracts sophisticated functionality for use by non-experts, which works with an open, flexible and reusable back-end interface.


  • Scalable, SOA-compliant solutions
  • Configurable rules for business flexibility
  • Building the processes to be ongoing and repeatable, supporting continuous improvement
  • Establishment of interfaces and modular workflows
  • Reporting automation
  • Design of simple, ergonomic and effective user interface


At GalaxE, we believe that for MDM to be effective, it cannot be regarded as an IT-driven initiative. Successful MDM projects must:

  • Have active involvement of executive sponsorship
  • Gain secure buy-in from the business side as well as the IT organization
  • Understand the client's MDM hub's data model and how it integrates with your internal source systems and external content providers.
  • Overcome perceptions of being complex and long term
  • Possess strong project management and organizational change management
  • Dispel myths that expensive platforms and prohibitive costs of entry are required
  • The business should own the data governance process and the MDM or CDI project

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