Business Continuity Strategies

With the increasing economic uncertainty, a key priority for many organizations in the last few weeks has been to ensure business continuity and minimal business disruption.  With many IT resources unavailable around the globe, several of our clients are struggling to accomplish even the most basic of IT objectives.
GalaxE is 100% operational around the globe with secure, rapid response work from home (WFH) business enablement teams ready to deploy immediately. Contact us today and let us handle at least one of the pressing demands you likely have right now, so you can focus on what is important – the health and safety of you and your family.


GxFource™ – today’s industry leading eTaaP™ – moves great ideas into operational reality.

Designed and developed through 30 years of practical application at Fortune 500 disrupters, GxFource™ pulls together the common threads of our successful client transformations.

Welcome to successful transformation. Every single time.

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