GxDash™ provides centralized command control and CxO level decision making with holistic information and implements an enterprise dashboard for all technology tiers, providing automation for building dependency maps, predictive analysis, code and test case generation.


effort reduction in impact analysis


cost savings across entire SDLC


code coverage - increasing quality

Globally Implemented at Fortune 20 Organizations

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    • 5-Tier Hierarchy: Business Processes (BP) : High Level Use Cases (HLUC) : Transaction/Screen Flows (TF/SF) : Data/Domain Elements (DE) : Code Assets/Tables/SP
    • Updating maps
    • Vertical trace
    • Legacy to future tier trace
    • Test case and condition generator
    • Patent pending
    • Codebase for COBOL, C++, .NET, Java, DB2, Oracle DB, JS, BV, PowerBuilder, SAP
    • Documentation: process handbook, training material, marketing collateral, engagement and deployment model
    • Reduces dependence on tribal knowledge; client FTEs
    • Elevates role of service provider staff to: scientists, decision makers, advisors and, very often, stewards of key business info, provider of best practices and factory environments
    • Reduces headcount, time, cost of delivery: troubleshooting, major changes, risky changes, re-platforming, M&A


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GxDash™  -   Reverse and forward engineering for empowered decision making.