The GxPrime™ platform includes a family of services that supports software development and enables engineering for speed to value. GxPrime™ enables you to engineer high quality solutions quickly and reliably by using the right processes and tools to meet the needs of your business and increase your speed to market.


increase in estimation accuracy


metrics-driven reporting and decision making


cost savings on project management

Globally Implemented at Fortune 30 Organizations

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    • Automation of repeatable tasks of a program and project manager
    • Implementation of three principles in plan
    • Adaptation to all 7 tiers of Agile
    • Automation of SDLC enforcement and management including compliance and risk analysis
    • MSPS extensions for automation of the principles, the evaluation, and the automated alerting
    • Questionnaire automation; CA/system inventory automation; plan generation automation; tailoring automation
    • Codebase
    • Documentation: process handbook, training material, marketing collateral, engagement and deployment model
    • Record type library and maps into specific adjudication engines
    • Improves productivity, effectiveness, efficiency and consistency of PMs

To unleash the full power of GxPrime™, use with:

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GxPrime™  -   Engineering speed to value.