Outsource to America™ is GalaxE’s program to educate, re-train, empower, and deploy America’s diverse and resilient IT professionals. O2A™ focuses IT spend on workforce redevelopment and urban revitalization in targeted cities using public/private partnerships with core customers, educational institutions, and local and federal government.


est. 2020

Steeped in tradition like the great city itself, our Milwaukee innovation center will open the summer of 2020. We are already hiring – click below for details – let’s get innovating!

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est. 2019

The innovation that will be developed in GalaxE’s Hartford Innovation Center will leverage GalaxE’s GxFource™ transformation platform and help reshape the insurance and healthcare industries and promote the City of Hartford as a technology innovation hub.

Outsource to Hartford™ in the News

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est. 2010

GalaxE’s Center of Excellence (CoE), represent an orchestra of industry, operational and/or technical subject matter experts within a geographic or virtual think-tank environment. The CoE structure enables innovation and knowledge sharing among individuals with deep subject matter expertise to create new and innovative approaches that address current or future client and/or industry needs. 

Our Detroit CoE represents a physical state of the art facility that increases productivity, effectiveness and efficiency in executing all phases of the SDLC.

GalaxE deploys robust physical and logical security over each of our facilities and networks. This highly secure facility can be client specific to maintain confidentiality and maintain the proprietary integrity of deliverables. 

Recognized on a national and global level, our Detroit Delivery Center, represents an example where clients can leverage cost effective models for development and/or outsourcing relationships.

Outsource to Detroit™ in the News

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