GxAccelerators Introduction

GalaxE.Solutions has created a suite of products which automatically extracts all the information, the business load and the "how"...

Intro to GalaxE in 30 seconds

GalaxE.Solutions is a technology services firm, which over the last 25 years has used its long term relationships with...
Online Ordering

Amazon + Healthcare

The Next Big Thing Deep in the bowels of the Amazon business complex is a covert laboratory, a secret skunkworks...
Education Week

ExperienceIT graduates Fall 2017 class today

ExperienceIT, the innovative collaboration between leading information technology-focused organizations and workforce agencies in downtown Detroit, will honor 18 students...


Sandipan at InnoHealth

GalaxE.Solutions President and COO speaks at 2017 InnoHEALTH Conference

GalaxE.Solutions President and COO, Sandipan Gangopadhyay speaks at the 2017 InnoHEALTH Conference in New Delhi on September 18th - 19th,...