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Successful transformation requires a seamless integration of knowledge, process, and automation guided by a highly skilled and experienced consulting partner who knows your business. We enable business transformation with services and solutions built by recognized subject matter experts on our team.

Opportunity for technical innovation and value-driven performance are realized in a broad range of IT initiatives. We cover every possibility with command of the spectrum of languages viewed through an agnostic technology lens. From applications and platforms to big data and managed services, we bring expertise to design, development and deployment that put client business goals ahead of everything else.

Custom applications, that quickly deliver value, play a critical role in ensuring that our clients reach their goals. GalaxE’s proven industry standards and quality application-oriented solutions comply with HIPAA, PQ needs of US FDA 21 CFR Part 11, and SAS‐70 (SSAE‐16) provisions for system governance.

GalaxE’s scope of services includes full SDLC services and ongoing management across a variety of platforms and technologies. Our application development and customization functions are:

  • Application Migration
  • Application Integration
  • Application Modernization
  • Platform Consolidation
  • Technology Refresh
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Portal Development
  • Service Oriented Architecture

The heart and soul of your business reside in your data center. We provide you with confidence, knowing your system is functioning optimally at every level. Do you have an application that suffers outages? We understand the technology behind those applications and can pinpoint and repair their weaknesses, resolving all issues.
IT departments all across the country are contracting out every service associated with data center management as growing project backlogs seem insurmountable without help. GalaxE can take the stress out of managing your infrastructure. We provide the resources, helpdesk operations, and expertise necessary to keep your operations running smoothly with guaranteed SLAs.

GalaxE’s examination provides a snapshot of the environment in a steady-state. This then allows our network and systems engineers to conduct a deep-dive on trouble spots, including operations and management or disaster recovery planning.

Our team of certified professionals will review and analyze the underlying infrastructure of your business applications and provide you with a roadmap to mitigate and remediate existing issues. Our steady-state review gives you full optics on single points of failure (SPF) and network bottlenecks or chokepoints. We offer:

  • Complete Data Center Infrastructure Management
  • Edge Device Review
  • Utilities and Environmental
  • Server Environment
  • Software Diagnostics

We are experts in high volume and high-frequency transaction scenarios that require the maximum level of reliability and no margin for error. By leveraging automation, our assurance services team specializes in comprehensive, enterprise-wide testing solutions, utilizing a proven blend of custom and off-the-shelf commercial tools that drive value through delivery.  Utilizing metrics-driven QA and best practice methodologies, our assurance services are both internal and external client facing with the primary objective of ensuring quality in all deliverables.

The QA practice is supported by GalaxE’s  well-rounded teams of subject matter experts who work with project teams to ensure timely and successful delivery of all projects.  We have expertise in writing test scripts, test cases, executing, and presenting results.  We are also well versed in multiple technology platforms and ready to implement the strategy, planning, and preparation of your testing needs for:

  • Automated Testing (Functional and Regression)
  • Systems Testing
  • Claims Testing
  • Certification and Reverse Certification
  • Helpdesk Operations

Business is moving into an age where the time interval between demand and time-to-market will be measured in seconds. Indeed, today, there are systems where demand realized translates to demand satisfied in a matter of milliseconds. GalaxE.Solutions understands that underlying support systems are critical to efficient management of information and key business processes. Our proven support model ensures that our clients’ key resources can focus on the task at hand.


Production Support:

  • Level 1 – Helpdesk (Staffed from our Global Delivery Centers)
    • Application Monitoring (Batch Scheduling, Batch Job Monitoring, and Ticket Routing)
    • Passwords, Adding Accounts, Account Maintenance, Application Security
  • Level 2 – Best-Shore Model (Potential 24×7 Support)
    • Online Support – CICS, IMS DC, Hyperion SAP
    • Batch Support – JCL Changes, Scripting
  • Level 3 – Minor Enhancements with Offshore Leverage

Application Management Services:

  • Application Maintenance
    • Batch Production Environment Stabilization and Improvement
    • Major Enhancements and Maintenance Requests (CR Clearance)
    • Application Improvements (Repeated Incident Reduction)
    • Process Improvement and Automation
  • Database Support and Migration
  • Storage Management
  • Application Modernization
    • Version Upgrades
    • Technical Upgrades (Database, Software)

As a full-service organization, GalaxE provides a complete array of business and IT consulting services.  Your underlying support systems are critical to efficient management of information and key business processes. Our proven support model ensures that our clients’ key resources can focus on vital data and tasks at hand.

We deliver custom-built solutions with comprehensive business logic, efficient performance, and technical scalability. Whether you manage the solutions and programs we deliver or we continue oversight, they are designed for success.

  • Assessment and Troubleshooting
  • Business Process Management
  • Estimation and Planning
  • IT Governance
  • Project Management Office
  • Program Managers
  • Enterprise Analytics

We keep you relevant in the marketplace with data automation solutions whether we start at square one or advance you two or three levels beyond your expectations. Knowing what it takes to roll out new products quickly in constantly changing and regulatory environments demands a unique approach that addresses high volume and frequency transaction scenarios. When you need redundancy, reliability, recoverability, diversity, and fault tolerance at the highest levels, GalaxE has the solution.

We can help you transform and mature your operation, reduce costs, and compete with more speed and sophistication. GalaxE can help you transform with:

  • Cognitive Computing
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Cloud Services
  • DevOps and Dev Automation
  • Analytics and Information Management

Stay ahead of the cycle of reinvention.

Our business enablement strategies leverage your technology and knowledge resources, propelling you toward competitive differentiation. With data-driven automation, your enterprise can quickly maximize knowledge while reducing costs over time. Gain the insight you need to recognize, prepare and deploy your data as well as transform your business for competitive advantage in the future.

GalaxE can help with:

  • Self-Funded PSO
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Driving Down SG&A
  • Addressing Tech Debt

The demand for the integration of disparate systems and tracing information handshake are time consuming processes that often come too late. As a result, many of our clients approach us with the need to address existing penal consequences for non-compliance.  With more than 25 years of focused work experience helping various Fortune 100 Healthcare Payers, Providers, PBMs and Life Sciences entities, GalaxE has the largest pool of resources and deep domain knowledge to assist you in the remediation of sanctions and operationally addressing and reducing complaints/grievances.  Our team focuses on patient/member safety and regulatory compliance and the need for positive and compensating controls.

Our complete regulatory and compliance audits and remediation services provide you with an audit friendly activity trail with mapping and trace-back mechanisms as well as on-demand and (near*) real-time information for operational excellence, audit, compliance and regulatory reporting, and line and executive management.  GalaxE can help you with:

  • Consent Decree Implementation
  • Independent Verification and Validation
  • Sanction Remediation