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Our business enablement strategies leverage your technology and knowledge resources, propelling you toward competitive differentiation. With data-driven automation, your enterprise can quickly maximize knowledge and reduce costs over time. Gain the insight you need to recognize, prepare and deploy your data and transform your business for competitive advantage in the future.

Gx Transformation Model

You join an exclusive group of visionaries when you engage our automation acceleration approach. Success is a guarantee when our best practices are applied to great planning for your business case. We are more than a consultant crunching numbers; we share ownership in what you seek to achieve, and help you realize that outcome.

Gx Accelerators

Gx Automated Accelerator Services optimize data across a range of industries, especially when command over government-regulated information, high-volume data sets, and sensitive records requires a greater attention to detail. The Gx solution is a customizable hybrid of core automation technology enhanced with your business knowledge and processes. Our healthcare accelerator solutions and software development lifecycle options meet regulatory and compliance requirements while achieving speed to market, accuracy, and agility.

The management, maintenance, and migration of benefit plans is a time consuming, potentially error-prone task that has a direct impact on PBM performance. Gx Accelerators can automate a majority of the analytical, management, migration and testing activities associated with benefits management systems. Performance benchmarks for these solutions demonstrate how much impact they will have on your business transformation.

Automation can play a strategic role in both process and execution of a strong SDLC plan. Both planning and smarter use of data eliminate the need to rework and redesign technical solutions during implementation – enabling projects to stay on schedule.

A focus on providing information that strengthens holistic decision making and management is the key principal behind Gx Accelerators for software development.

Gx Solutions enable you to identify and assess the impact of programming changes on people, processes, and systems as you manage change.