About Us

Driving Transformation Since 1990
Since its founding, GalaxE remains dedicated to advancing the benefits of technology. As we continue that legacy and look to the future, a focus on business enablement through agile, cost efficient and effective integration of people, process and technology anchors our success. We revolutionize change in the costs of doing business that transform companies and their ability to leap beyond the competition.

Gx Leadership

Tim Bryan

Chief Executive Officer

Tore Carlson

Vice President of Business Development

Vijay Chakravarthy

Senior Vice President of Technology

Michele Cohen

Senior Vice President of Human Resources

Jim Dietrich

Executive Vice President of Delivery and Operations

Sandipan Gangopadhyay

Chief Operating Officer + President

Venugopal Karamsi

Vice President of Infrastructure Security Operations

Phanendranath Kaza

Senior Vice President of International Operations

Dheeraj Misra

Chief Automation Officer + Senior Executive Vice President

Donna Posnack-Haber

Senior Vice President of Delivery and Program Excellence

Steve Raymond

Vice President of Corporate Strategy

Melissa Torni

Director of Talent Acquisition

Steve Weiss

Chief Financial Officer + General Counsel

Our People are the Difference

GalaxE is unique because we work (hard and often) to foster an entrepreneurial drive within a well-oiled machine environment. GalaxIANs are passionate about transformation with an unquenchable thirst for technical advancement combined with superior technical and industry expertise. We truly believe our SMEs are the best in the business.

years of experience

Our average employee has 8–10+ years of experience and is a SME in their field with specific industry expertise leading successful transformation engagements in complex large-scale client environments.

years working together

The average team within GalaxE has worked together for 10+ years. These technology leaders have a facile understanding of legacy platforms and are a driving force in the technologies shaping our world.


employee retention rate

Proud of our 92% retention rate, our industry low turnover rate equates to high client satisfaction and teams that are equally adept at leveraging our tools and playbooks to drive transformational change.

Corporate Responsibility

Above all else, we are a company committed to our clients, colleagues, and communities. We believe in the power of transformation through dedication to excellence, and we value our people and their knowledge. This commitment to transformation extends to communities in which we do business.

GalaxE is a global organization that has developed a set of core values, which represent our culture and guide our actions. We drive socially and environmentally responsible decisions through the hiring of creative and diverse teams, who respect the law and the environment, while supporting universal human rights. Our goal is to continually promote actions that support people and the environment, by encouraging recycling and reducing our overall carbon footprint.

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