Since its founding, GalaxE remains dedicated to advancing the benefits of technology. As we continue that legacy and look to the future, a focus on business enablement through agile, cost efficient and effective integration of people, process and technology anchors our success. We revolutionize change in the costs of doing business that transform companies and their ability to leap beyond the competition.


Tim Bryan CIO + Chairman

Tim realized his vision for global organization by founding the GalaxE Group. He oversees the day-to-day operations as well as designing/implementing strategies for large and exclusive clients. Tim remains the driving force behind the group’s exponential growth.

Tim is a proud contributor at Sterling National Bank, Detroit Economic Growth Corp., Henry Ford Health System’s Clinical Transformation Committee, and Columbia Executive M.S. in Technology Management Program.

Sandipan Gangopadhyay COO + President

Sandipan has been an invaluable member of the GalaxE team for over 15 years and has played a vital role in our worldwide expansion and operational success. He is a proud member of the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers and is certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT.

Sandipan enjoys spending time with his wife & 3 children, reading, photography, traveling, and watching movies.

Venugopal Karamsi VP IS Operations

Over the past 12 years, Venu has been an incredible asset for GalaxE. As CSO, he spends his days reviewing and analyzing reports that highlight new or potential security threats, and implements solutions to migrate risk.

Venu loves spending time with family, himself when he gets time by living in forest with minimum needs and loves to travel to new places. He loves to read Autobiographies of great leaders and watching inspirational films in his spare time.

Dheeraj Misra CTO + Senior Executive VP

With over 17 years at GalaxE, Dheeraj is passionate about staying ahead of the ever evolving technology industry. In his own words, “There’s a better way to solve a problem and we need to continue to challenge ourselves every day to innovate and make incremental contributions to the solutions, no matter how small.”

In his spare time, Dheeraj enjoys spending time with his family. He takes great pride in coaching community children’s teams in an effort to mentor experience, instill work ethic, and spark a passion for learning.

Steve Weiss CFO + General Counsel

Steve has been with GalaxE for over 17 years and is responsible for the oversight and execution of all financial, legal, human resources, and administrative functions of the company. With a keen memory and knack for numbers, Steve knows the name of every resource that has ever worked for GalaxE and which clients they supported.

Steve enjoys spending time with his family and running – having completed 11 marathons. He is a proud member of SICC who advises the state of New Jersey on systems for developmentally delayed children and is very active with fundraising activities within the autism community.

Tore Carlson VP Business Development

With over 30 years of experience, Tore oversees all of GalaxE’s sales and marketing. His unparalleled ability to manage everything from client relationships to market strategy has been vital to GalaxE’s continued growth and development.

In his spare time, Tore enjoys spending time with his 3 children, volunteering for local youth sports programs, and mastering high levels of amateur golf.

Michele Cohen Senior VP Human Resources

An empowering leader and change agent, Michele has been lending her fresh perspective and upbeat, forward-thinking ideas to GalaxE since 2015. Her vast and varied experience has given Michele a unique and comprehensive approach to scaling our international human capital strategy.

Michele’s leadership has instilled more transparency, maturity, automation, and energy into our HR policies and communications, and has set a precedent for positive change within all departments at GalaxE.

Suresh Pande Executive VP + SBU Leader

In early 2013, Suresh relocated his family to the United States to assist in building out GalaxE’s Detroit IT delivery team. Today, he leads global operations with major focuses on building leadership pipelines and aligning organizations to proactively respond to market place dynamics.

Suresh enjoys spending time with his wife & 2 children as well as watching documentaries, playing chess, and reading scholarly articles.

Melissa Torni Director of Talent Acquisition

Melissa Torni started with GalaxE as a Talent Acquisition Specialist in 2012. Through her hard work and dedication, she quickly proved her command of recruiting and ability to lead a team, earning the role of Recruiting Manager just three years later. In 2017, Melissa was promoted to Director of Recruiting, where she oversees all recruiting operations for GalaxE’s US, EMEA and LATAM regions.

In Melissa’s spare time, she volunteers at “Love Runs”, an organization that helps combat human trafficking through awareness, rescue, prevention, and fundraising. She also enjoys binge-watching Netflix shows, reading and spending time at the water.

Corporate Citizenship

Above all else, we are a company committed to our clients, colleagues, and communities. We believe in the power of transformation through dedication to excellence, and we value our people and their knowledge. This commitment to transformation extends to communities in which we do business.