EpEx is not just a program, it is a force. It is a perpetual, dynamic energy that has been unleashed and it is fully embraced and propelled by the extraordinary collective that is our talented workforce.

We want every employee to love working at GalaxE. To that end, we have worked hard to deliver tangible policies, processes and programs that positively affect our employees’ daily work lives like catered breakfast every Monday, short workdays on Fridays, 401K matching and great medical, dental and vision insurance along with many other company events and opportunities.

Top 5 Reasons to Work @ GalaxE!!

You won’t be bored

You will get unbeatable experience. Period.

Galaxians are out of this world!

See what we did there? You will work with an amazing group of passionate people.

On this planet, we are all over the globe!

Our cross-cultural team is located throughout the world, wherever our clients need us.

You gotta eat, right?!

Catered breakfast, lunch & learn Mondays, monthly birthday cake and even more EpEx events!

So you think you can sing?

Prove it! Friendly karaoke competitions are the cornerstone of every GalaxE event. We’re kidding! …or are we?

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