Application Development

Migration • Integration • Modernization • Platform Consolidation • Technology Refresh
Mobile Solutions • Portal Development • Service-Oriented Architecture

GalaxE’s scope of services includes full SDLC services and ongoing management across a variety of platforms and technologies, including custom applications, that quickly deliver value, play a critical role in ensuring that our clients reach their goals. GalaxE’s proven industry standards and quality application-oriented solutions comply with HIPAA, PQ needs of US FDA 21 CFR Part 11, and SAS‐70 (SSAE‐16) provisions for system governance.
GxWave™ Brochure GxWave™ focuses on automating Gx automation. Gx Suite performs best in the intricate details using automation. GalaxE AI uses these signals for training and achieves a personalized extension of your outreach. READ MORE
GxEngage™ Brochure GxEngage™, primarily a healthcare and finance industry solution, allows businesses to efficiently switch their service offerings from one platform to another as a result of M&A, new business, migration, re-platforming and/or consolidation. READ MORE
Gx General Overview Our business-enabling transformations impact people, communities and industries throughout the U.S. and around the world. As a recognized technology innovator with Fortune 500 companies, GalaxE is responsible for the growth and success of many industries. READ MORE
How Does GalaxE Create Possibilities for Clients? We enable business transformation with services and solutions built by recognized subject matter experts on our team. Opportunities for technical innovation and value-driven performance are realized in a broad range of IT initiatives. READ MORE
CRM Solutions GalaxE delivers industry-specific consulting and integrated end-to-end solutions that support its customers’ strategic, operational, and financial goals surrounding CRM, SFDC, Pega and customer models. CRM optimization is challenging as it requires a maximum return on investment from a business and technical perspective. READ MORE
GxDash™ Brochure GxDash™ provides centralized command control and CxO level decision making with holistic information and implements an enterprise dashboard for all technology tiers, providing automation for building dependency maps, predictive analysis, code, and test case generation. READ MORE
GxInfra™ Brochure GxInfra™ is a full-scale end-to-end service that evaluates steady-state data center environments to enhance efficiency, reliability, dependability, and security. Leveraging data center infrastructure management expertise, our automated services provide the optics necessary to refine and improve data center performance. READ MORE
GxClaims™ Brochure GxClaims™ is a demographic and clinical selection, benefit plan certification, claim adjudication analysis, and integrated defect tracking process designed to validate claims processing behavior and increase efficiency in identifying root cause for unexpected claims adjudication outcomes. READ MORE
GxQuality™ Brochure GxQuality™ provides end-to-end quality assurance leveraging automation to generate test scenarios and data which validates project test results leveraging CI/CD, CV. This solution builds traceability to test conditions and test data with the availability of onshore/offshore team managed services. READ MORE