Quality Assurance

Automated Testing (Function + Regression) • Systems Testing • Claims Testing
Certification + Reverse Certification • HelpDesk Operations

We are experts in high volume and high-frequency transaction scenarios that require the maximum level of reliability and no margin for error. By leveraging automation, our assurance services team specializes in comprehensive, enterprise-wide testing solutions, utilizing a proven blend of custom and off-the-shelf commercial tools that drive value through delivery. Utilizing metrics-driven QA and best practice methodologies, our assurance services are both internal and external client facing with the primary objective of ensuring quality in all deliverables.

The QA practice is supported by GalaxE’s well-rounded teams of subject matter experts who work with project teams to ensure timely and successful delivery of all projects. We have expertise in writing test scripts, test cases, executing, and presenting results. We are also well versed in multiple technology platforms and ready to implement the strategy, planning, and preparation of your testing needs.
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