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Business is moving into an age where the time interval between demand and time-to-market will be measured in seconds. Indeed, today, there are systems where demand realized translates to demand satisfied in a matter of milliseconds. GalaxE.Solutions understands that underlying support systems are critical to efficient management of information and key business processes. Our proven support model ensures that our clients’ key resources can focus on the task at hand.
GxWave™ Brochure GxWave™ focuses on automating Gx automation. Gx Suite performs best in the intricate details using automation. GalaxE AI uses these signals for training and achieves a personalized extension of your outreach. READ MORE
Gx Podcast 02: The Changing Landscape of the PBM Industry GalaxE's Chief Automation Officer and EVP, Dheeraj Misra, and VP Business of Development, Tore Carlson, discuss mergers and acquisitions, pairing up of health plans and PBMs and more. READ MORE
Gx General Overview Our business-enabling transformations impact people, communities and industries throughout the U.S. and around the world. As a recognized technology innovator with Fortune 500 companies, GalaxE is responsible for the growth and success of many industries. READ MORE
GxDash™ Brochure GxDash™ provides centralized command control and CxO level decision making with holistic information and implements an enterprise dashboard for all technology tiers, providing automation for building dependency maps, predictive analysis, code, and test case generation. READ MORE
GxInfra™ Brochure GxInfra™ is a full-scale end-to-end service that evaluates steady-state data center environments to enhance efficiency, reliability, dependability, and security. Leveraging data center infrastructure management expertise, our automated services provide the optics necessary to refine and improve data center performance. READ MORE
GxMaps - Enterprise Wide Automated Dependency Maps and Impact Analysis GxMaps™ Brochure GxMaps™ finds and analyzes the impact of changes in a particular code repository enterprise-wide, including documents in different programming languages that reside in a separate code environment. READ MORE
GxRay™ Brochure GalaxE ISO-12207 based GxRay™ methodology is a rigorous process that validates system functionality against business and technical requirements while identifying gaps and challenges. READ MORE
Three Reasons GalaxE Teams Work for You The team at GalaxE has proven ability to drive cost savings through innovation. We specialize in strategy, transformation, applications development, large scale integration work associated with mergers and acquisitions and complex high speed, high volume, high data systems processing millions of transactions in a 24/7 environment. READ MORE