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In response to our client’s needs, GalaxE developed a proprietary Enterprise Transformation as a Platform™ (eTaaP™️) solution called GxFource™️ forged from 30 years of practical application at Fortune 500 disrupters.

These industry-redefining initiatives got it right the first time, delivering predictable, in-scale results. In each of these initiatives, we found four elements that together delivered success. These four elements – a pervasive use of automation, deployment via trusted playbooks, exceptionally trained and experienced talent and a suite of end to end services – together constitute a repeatable factory for transformation: Enterprise Transformation as a Platform™.


Our data-driven automation delivers a holistic enterprise view of existing systems and processes.

90% improvement

in cycle time



State-of-the art, time-tested GxFource™ playbooks are the path to successful transformation.

30 years

of serving Fortune 500 companies


GxFource™ certified engineers lead transformation teams, succeeding in complex large-scale client environments.

8-10+ years

of deep sector expertise on average



GxFource™ includes a full spectrum of transformative services.

90% repeat clients

built on trust


In this era of transformation, companies
are changing how they earn and operate:

Transformation Means Deep Process and System Reengineering

Transformation is a priority for cutting-edge companies competing in dynamic environments that require deep process and system re-engineering. With GxFource™, you can plan your journey and predict the outcome of your new operational and business model.

We specialize in complex, large scale precision work associated with end-to-end metamorphosis in high speed, volume, and data systems, that process millions of transactions in a 24x7 environment – challenging environments exclusively addressed through a fully integrated automation platform that delivers predicable results and targeted goals.

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