Financial Services

Assistance for financial services companies with cloud-based transformation in Salesforce, implementation of SaaS solutions for document imaging or billing, development of effective tailored mobile device technology.

Introduction to GxFource™ – Enterprise Transformation as a Platform™ Designed and developed through 30 years of practical application at Fortune 500 disruptors, GxFource™️ pulls together the common threads of our successful client transformations. Welcome to successful transformation. Every single time. READ MORE
GxEngage™ Brochure GxEngage™, primarily a healthcare and finance industry solution, allows businesses to efficiently switch their service offerings from one platform to another as a result of M&A, new business, migration, re-platforming and/or consolidation. READ MORE
Gx Podcast 03: Data Security in Testing, Migration and Systems Consolidation Chief Automation Officer and EVP, Dheeraj Misra, and Senior Vice President of Delivery, Donna Posnack-Haber, discuss challenges in the fintech world, data centers and more. READ MORE
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Gx General Overview Our business-enabling transformations impact people, communities and industries throughout the U.S. and around the world. As a recognized technology innovator with Fortune 500 companies, GalaxE is responsible for the growth and success of many industries. READ MORE
GxInfra™| Paving the Way for Advanced IT Data Center and Asset Management Our application-based policy automation and management system uses analytics, automation, compliance, and remediation to enhance network performance and reliability and our DCIM expertise allows us to create customized services that provide granular optics that go beyond the application layer. READ MORE
Infrastructure Security Assessment GalaxE security assessments ensure you are protected and compliant. Our complete package of services will review and evaluate your technology and security implementations, hardware, processes, and personnel to ensure maximum impact. READ MORE
Next Generation Brings New Technology Take a closer look at a few key important trends in the industry such as AI and Machine Learning, QA Automation, CI/CD, DevOps, and Blockchain Integration, and how these trends are steadily driving us toward a shared goal – faster and more transparent business. READ MORE
GxInfra™ Brochure GxInfra™ is a full-scale end-to-end service that evaluates steady-state data center environments to enhance efficiency, reliability, dependability, and security. Leveraging data center infrastructure management expertise, our automated services provide the optics necessary to refine and improve data center performance. READ MORE