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Industry Redefining

Dynamic Environments,
Deep Process and
System Reengineering
Environments of
Change at Speed
Predictable Outcomes Industry Redefining
Dynamic Environments,
Deep Process and
System Reengineering
Environments of
Change at Speed
Predictable Outcomes

Outsource to America™
100 New Trainee Opportunities

Openings in all U.S. Locations

Detroit, MI • Hartford, CT • Milwaukee, WI • Nashville, TN • Somerset, NJ • St.Louis, MO

the COVID-19 crisis has exposed a vulnerability in offshore execution models
this requires information technology and business operations workforce resilience

Eliminate the Risk of Offshore
Outsourcing at No Additional Cost

GalaxE’s Industry Leading
Onshore Centric Delivery Model

enabling IT workforce resilience
automation and w@h reduces offshore dependence and risk

GalaxE’s automation drives seamless knowledge transfer and achieves accuracy and consistency in delivery

led by GalaxE subject matter experts that average 12+ years of IT experience

proven w@h infrastructure and protocols enables real-time team utilization across the United States

Business Transformation and IT Automation Enablement

“If someone had asked us in December if we could move this fast with no notice we would have said no way.”

VP, Specialty Pharmacy and Operations
Top 5 Healthcare Organization

“Incredible - [deployment of GxWorx™]
can't thank you enough!”

Fortune 100 Healthcare Organization

Highly focused on economic revitalization, Outsource to America™ accelerates the growth of IT,
using information technology as a core element to revitalize the community.

eTaaP™ – Enterprise Transformation as a Platform™
Delivering Environments of Change at Speed

In this era of transformation, companies are changing how they earn and operate. Change is the new normal, demanding deep process and system re-engineering. GxFource™ - today’s industry leading eTaaP™ - moves great ideas into operational reality. With GxFource™, you can plan your journey and predict the outcome of your new operational and business model. Welcome to successful transformation. Every single time.

Platform-Driven Enterprise Transformation

GalaxE.Solutions specializes in platform-driven enterprise transformation. We live at the intersection of business consulting, IT consulting and technology products; where deep process and system re-engineering is the norm and transformation is more than buzz-word.

We specialize in complex, large scale precision work associated with end-to-end metamorphosis in high speed, volume, and data systems, that process millions of transactions in a 24x7 environment – challenging environments exclusively addressed through a fully integrated automation platform that delivers predicable results and targeted goals.

years in
Client relationships spanning 30 years – 90% of our business consists of repeat clients.

years team
Our team averages 8-10+ years of experience in the technology industry.


industry leading
employee retention
The average historical employee retention rate of less than 8% attrition is well below industry average.

Gx centers
Offices in 14 locations across the globe serving clients worldwide.

Knowledge Center

GalaxE stood up on their own and said this is something that they can make happen better. They said we know we can improve this process and improve this system. Innovation, innovation, innovation is key and we are excited to have them as partners. Not only did we have an incredible proposal from them, but they delivered on it. That’s how you get transformational change.

Fortune 100 PBM

I don’t know of a another group that is as bold, as visionary, as enthusiastic about solving first time problems in all of technology. GalaxE are brilliant technologists who do project management very well. They are my not so secret weapon and has been my go-to group.

Fortune 100 medical devices, pharmaceutical and consumer goods manufacturer

This project got us across the goal line. It raised the customer experience – people get their scripts faster, people get their scripts with a higher level of quality, and of course, we do it for a better cost. The project was something that came through the innovative spirit of IT and through the strong partnerships with IT.

Fortune 100 PBM

I want GalaxE to know what they do is really the heart of our program and at the heart of the success that we’ve achieved so far. We owe the future of the program to them. Thank you and I look forward to our continued partnership into the future and I am sure it is going to be a very successful one as well.

Fortune 100 medical devices, pharmaceutical and consumer goods manufacturer

I can’t tell you how proud I am to see all of your incredible dedication to our dream to build a revolutionary enterprise healthcare platform become reality. I couldn’t miss the opportunity to recognize that we couldn’t have done it without you.

State of the Art PBM Solutions Provider

Ready for a Transformation?