Opportunities for technical innovation and value-driven performance are realized in a broad range of IT initiatives with a command of the spectrum of languages viewed through an agnostic technology lens. From applications and platforms to big data and management services, we bring expertise to design, development and deployment that put client business goals ahead of everything else.
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Migration • Integration • Modernization • Platform Consolidation • Technology Refresh • Mobile Solutions • Portal Development • Service-Oriented Architecture
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Machine Learning • Cognitive Computing • Voice Technologies • Analytics
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Consent Decree Implementation • Independent Verification & Validation • Sanction Remediation
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Assessment & Troubleshooting • Business Process Management • Estimation & Planning • IT Governance • Project Management Office • Program Managers • Enterprise Analysis
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Self-Funded PSO • Mergers & Acquisitions • Driving Down SG&A • Addressing Tech Debt
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3 Level Production Support • Application Management Services • Maintenance • Database Support & Migration • Storage Management • App Modernization
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Complete Data Center Infrastructure Management • Edge Device Review • Utilities & Environmental • Server Environment • Software Diagnostics
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Automated Testing (Function + Regression) • Systems Testing • Claims Testing • Certification + Reverse Certification • Helpdesk Operations
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Blockchain • Enterprise Application • Integration Cloud Services • DevOps and Dev Automation • Analytics & Information Management
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Knowledge Center

Gx Podcast 13: Flow Thinking: Value Realization and Organizational Dynamics On this episode of the Gx Podcast, special guest Mark Landy speaks with GalaxE's Sandipan Gangopadhyay about flow thinking, the Theory of Constraints, and how these concepts apply to the modern technology landscape. READ MORE
workforce resilience Gx Podcast 12: O2A™: Education Partners Shape the Workforce Dr. Mark Boxer, EVP, and COO at the University of Hartford join GalaxE’s Sandipan Gangopadhyay and Chandra Dyamangoudar to discuss the critical role educational institutes can play in transforming communities into a tech hub like Hartford and how partnerships like O2A can contribute to that overall success. READ MORE
Community food bank Gx Podcast 11: O2A™: The Importance of Giving Back Stacy Averill, Vice President of Community Giving and Public Relations at Gleaners  Community Foodbank of Southeast Michigan, joins GalaxE's Ryan Hoyle to discuss the importance of giving back, the link between food security and effective workforce development, and how to get involved in Giving Tuesday. READ MORE
Outsource to America Outsource to America™ and Your Community Learn more about the O2A™ program and how it enables workforce resilience while revitalizing communities. READ MORE
Healthcare The Impact of COVID-19 and the Future of Healthcare Can a machine truly understand language? Learn about the future of NLP from our industry experts. READ MORE
The Future of NLP The Future of NLP Can a machine truly understand language? Learn about the future of NLP from our industry experts. READ MORE
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GalaxE DevOps in Highly Regulated Healthcare Environments DevOps in Highly Regulated Healthcare Environments GalaxE has developed a method that allows true agility in this type of regulated environment. In this white paper, we will examine GalaxE’s approach to DevOps and why GxDash™ and GxMaps™ are such important tools for the healthcare industry and other highly regulated businesses. READ MORE
O2M-Town-Hall Outsource to Milwaukee™ Town Hall Our Outsource to Milwaukee™️ team met with our executive leadership and a special guest to share their stories and initial impressions of the O2A program. READ MORE
Senator Richard Blumenthal Senator Richard Blumenthal, Dr. Mark Boxer, Tim Bryan and Sandipan Gangopadhyay discuss Outsource to Hartford™ Senator Richard Blumenthal (CT) and the University of Hartford's COO and retired EVP + CIO of Cigna, Dr. Mark Boxer, join GalaxE's CEO, Tim Bryan, and President + COO, Sandipan Gangopadhyay, to discuss Outsource to Harford™, community revitalization, and workforce resilience. READ MORE
Sandipan Gangopadhyay on Fox 6 News Sandipan Gangopadhyay on Milwaukee’s Fox 6 News GalaxE's President + COO, Sandipan Gangopadhyay, and Northwestern Mutual's EVP CIO, Neal Sample, discuss bringing tech jobs to Milwaukee. READ MORE

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