Benefit Management – Simplified and Accurate

Pharmacy rebates + spread pricing

Real-time reconciliation

Elimination of PBM dependency

Ownership of data

Multi-PBM compatibility model

GalaxE’s healthcare industry expertise is the result of over 30 years of experience partnering with some of the largest health plan and PBM organizations in the world. Our engagements include everything from large-scale PMB transitions and data migrations, to pharmacy operations for Blue organizations and large health plans.

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How We Do It

Automated Benefit Management

GalaxE’s proprietary tools and automation capabilities offer PBMs and Payers a solution that ensures seamless migrations and high-value outcomes.

Zero Risk Migrations

High-quality, low-risk benefit migration with zero member disruption

Patient-Based Value Outcomes

Integrated medical and pharmacy data to drive optimized patient outcomes

End-to-End Benefit Management

GalaxE provides end-to-end support for transition of business and technical operations.

Source of Truth

A single repository enables easy access and retrieval for the management, update, and creation of new plans.

About GalaxE.Solutions

GalaxE is a professional IT services firm that specializes in platform-driven solutions and the use of automation to achieve enterprise business transformation and mission-critical change for some of the largest companies in the world. Using our proprietary solution set, GxFource®, we apply machine learning techniques and predictive analytics tools as part of a broad artificial intelligence strategy that delivers effective impact and data-driven business transformation.

Since its founding, GalaxE has been dedicated to advancing the benefits of technology. As we continue that legacy and look to the future, a focus on business enablement through agile, cost-efficient, and effective integration of people, processes, and technology anchors our success. We revolutionize change in the costs of doing business that transform companies and their ability to leap beyond the competition.