Thank you for your interest in GalaxE.Solutions. We have a few guidelines for using our brand resources and appreciate your effort in familiarizing yourself with them.

Our Name

“GalaxE.Solutions” is spelled as one word, with a capital G, E, and S. There is a period to separate the two words and no spaces. “GalaxE” or “Gx” may be used after the full spelling has been previously stated.

Our Logos

The full GalaxE.Solutions is our primary logo, and should always be used to visually represent GalaxE. The Gx icon should only be used in tandem with the full GalaxE.Solutions logo and never by itself. 

Our Colors

GalaxE Blue, and Solutions Grey are our primary colors. We also use a few of our product colors as accents.









This is just a reminder that these graphics and terms are protected under intellectual property laws.


Leave plenty of space around the GalaxE logo and icon so they can be fully appreciated and completely seen.

Please Do Not

  • Alter these files in any way.
  • Use these assets in any way that implies partnership, affiliation, endorsement, or other relationship between GalaxE and your company/product.
  • Use these assets as part of your own product, business, service, or brand name.
  • Combine these assets with any other without written consent from the GalaxE legal team.


EPS and PNG files are available. Please do not alter the GalaxE logo.