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SOMERSET, NJ (November 18, 2022) – GalaxE.Solutions, a global IT and business solutions provider, has been granted an international patent for its GxTrace™ platform. GxTrace™ automates the traceability of business system transactions across multiple technology platforms. The automated process is faster and provides up to 50% reductions in compliance costs, and creates an end-to-end audit-compliant report. The platform can assess multiple systems and can be employed for cloud migration, order processing and fulfillment, quality analysis, government compliance, platform transformation, and more.

GalaxE’s Fortune 500 clients use GxTrace™ to accomplish audit-ready traceability reports, alerts, and dashboards that increase compliance and accuracy while reducing the amount of human and system errors in operations. The platform is specifically designed to systematically track transactions in complex environments, which creates end-to-end transaction traceability.

GxTrace™ provides increased business value as manual effort is decreased while reducing the workload on team members and allowing them to invest more time in adding value in other business areas. GxTrace™ provides comprehensive documentation to the user for an organized and easy-to-utilize experience.

Sandipan Gangopadhyay, President of GalaxE, says, “GxTrace™ ensures that every transaction is complete, accurate, and timely. It is designed to highlight issues and provide actionable guidance to ensure the integrity of large-scale operations. Regulatory compliance, order processing quality, improved customer satisfaction, reduction of fraud and abuse, service levels compliance and validation are achieved. It is the go-to solution for Fortune-500 companies.” GxFource®  delivers over 25 years of experience delivering enterprise-scale transformation engagements. GxTrace™ is a key part of that evolution. GxTrace™ is a robust stand-alone platform that becomes even more powerful when paired with other products in the GxFource® suite to accelerate timelines, improve quality, and reduce risk through an automated and data-driven approach.

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