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O2A Timeline 2022

Hire, Re-train, Build and Deploy America’s Diverse IT Workforce

GalaxE’s O2A™ program focuses IT spend on workforce development and urban revitalization in targeted cities using
public/private partnerships with core customers, educational institutions, and local and federal government. Our goal is to bring
work back onshore by providing opportunities to those who are underserved.

cities where technology creates

Expand into cities where technology creates employment opportunities leveraging GalaxE’s 30 years of expertise.

technology hubs

Launch engagements with like-minded customers and collaborate in the development of nationally recognized technology hubs

workforce strategies

Partner with local workforce and academic institutions; deploy workforce strategies to attract, hire local and train talent

workforce development and urban revitalization

Invest in community partners that make our cities a great place to live, work and play

est. 2020

Milwaukee, WI

Located on Lake Michigan, Milwaukee is the home of bikes and brewers, a true icon of Midwest Americana, complete with mavericks and full of ingenuity. It’s the perfect place to transform from a former manufacturing city to a cutting-edge tech hub that uses the latest technology, techniques and automation to shape the insurance and healthcare industries. Milwaukee and the surrounding region have immense untapped talent that will be a vital part of this change.

est. 2020

Detroit, MI

Detroit is known as the Motor City because its industrious population put America on the road in the 20th century and today that same local workforce is transforming Detroit into a 21st century IT innovation center. Recognized on a national and global level, our Detroit Innovation Center, represents an example where clients can leverage cost effective models for development and/or outsourcing relationships.

est. 2019

Hartford, CT

One of the oldest cities in the United States, Hartford is known as the “Insurance Capital of the World" with many insurance companies calling it home. Focused on reshaping the insurance and healthcare industries through GxFource®, our Hartford Innovation Center promotes the City of Hartford as a technology innovation hub.

Coming Soon

St Louis, MO

Welcoming visitors with its Gateway Arch, St. Louis represents our future expansion and the spirit of exploration making it an ideal location to grow a new innovation center. Combining the local professional IT talent of St. Louis and the power of GxFource® automation tools will result in amazing developments in the financial and healthcare industries and beyond!

Coming Soon

Nashville, TN

Nashville is known for its rich tradition of music, aptly nicknamed the "Music City," but it is also part of the transformation to bring tech innovation to cities not previously known for their technical prowess. Leveraging GxFource® automation and local talent is the key to this transformation process and will lead to Nashville becoming a leader in cutting edge IT development.

est. 2021

New York, NY

“The City That Never Sleeps,” New York has been an icon of American commerce, culture, and diversity since it was first settled in 1624. Comprised of 5 boroughs with over 8 million residents it also has the highest population density in the U.S. and the most linguistic diversity. This amazing community of talented people will be the driving force behind making New York a GxFource® Technology Innovation Center.

est. 2022

Somerset, NJ

New Jersey was ratified as the third state in the Union on December 18, 1787. The “Garden State” has been at the center of innovation and invention since before it was officially named. Outsource to America® carries on that tradition by combining a diverse local workforce with GalaxE’s GxFource® methodology to continually push boundaries in tech.

est. 2022

Miami, FL

Known for its warm weather, miles of white sand beaches, and rich nightlife, Miami is truly a coastal metropolis of the sunshine state. With one of the largest populations in the southeastern United States, it’s also the perfect place to engage local talent to create a new IT innovation center leveraging GxFource®️.

Changing People’s Lives Right in Your Community – Diversity as a Deliverable

GalaxE is committed to diversity and inclusion by providing opportunities to professionals from all races, genders, ages, and socio-economic backgrounds with career opportunities to work on leading edge, transformational technology. We offer an inclusive and supportive workplace where our employees are made to feel comfortable and are encouraged to be authentic.
A proven approach to ensuring underrepresented communities in the U.S. are given opportunities to experience the American dream while closing the IT skills gap

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