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The Next Big Thing

Deep in the bowels of the Amazon business complex is a covert laboratory, a secret skunkworks lab dedicated to all things health care tech, says a recent article published on http://www.cnbc.com

Whether or not the scientists perform their clandestine duties in white coats and safety goggles or designer jeans and expensive t’s has not yet been leaked. In fact, hardly any details are available—officially, that is—concerning so-called LAB 1492, other than the fact that whatever is going on there, whatever innovations are about to be unleashed on an unassuming world, will rock the healthcare industry forever.

Perhaps that’s being a little dramatic. But certainly Amazon intends to shake up the healthcare industry with new products, platforms, and services. Knowing what’s in store could give your company an edge when it comes to planning for tomorrow. Here at GalaxE, we aren’t laying claim to any underground information. But we know enough about healthcare and the tech giant’s methods to make some fairly bold predictions about where the industry is headed.

What to Expect

For one thing, Amazon wants in on the prescription drug market. It’s already a major provider of over-the-counter medicines, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that prescription medicines are next on the company’s radar.

Amazon is built to succeed at delivering consumer goods to individuals throughout the nation and world. They’ve got the logistics figured out, the ease of payment and other ordering options, not to mention a ginormous consumer base already in place. In terms of delivery, they have no problem competing with the UPS’s and FedEx’s of the solar system. From a consumer’s perspective, Amazon’s entry into the pharmacy market could easily mean a lowering of costs across the board, with competitors jockeying for position.

Then again, the prescription drug industry is incredibly regulated, at both the federal and state levels, which means there’s a veritable jungle of legal red tape that Amazon will need to circumvent before going full-bore. Change is on the way, but it may take some time to implement.

Word on the street, or in cyberspace, is that in addition to the prescription drug possibilities, Amazon’s stealth LAB 1492 is pushing improved platforms to handle medical records data and telemedicine, and developing new health apps for Amazon Echo and other devices. A release in any of these areas could mean exciting advancements for patients and reconfigure the home health industry.

Where could Amazon take this?

By leveraging their cutting-edge delivery system, they can revolutionize the outcome of enhanced healthcare. All we hope is that Amazon continues to take it further. What possibilities can Amazon provide to the world of healthcare?

Integrating the supply chain will provide an enhanced delivery system with sophisticated manufacturers. Not only will the delivery be on time but you will be given your personalized medication. With an Amazon branded final drug distribution network, the distribution process is enhanced. A company’s network will expand to their distribution centers, the delivery network, independent pharmacies and small chains, as well as Whole Foods stores.

This transformation will take time and preparation is necessary. However, the ease of interactions, real-time formularies, and network agreements will increase as the use of blockchain becomes routine. On the other end, the relationships between doctor and patient will become even more personal. This process will improve health, productivity and the overall lifestyle of each individual through real world evidence as well as wearables and medical devices that improve therapies.

Flawless Compliant Execution

A Partner to Help You Transform
GalaxE’s 26 years in pharmacy benefits, automated pharmacies, life science companies, health plans and providers, along with its suite of automation accelerators and services, uniquely positions it to identify these deep solutions. It recognizes each process that cuts across the healthcare value chain and delivers the best that our nation can offer. In terms of technology, research and sciences will significantly enhance the health of our citizens all while by collapsing the cost healthcare through a transparent ecosystem.

Our team of software and management experts will make sure you’re well-positioned for changes to the market, including any shake-ups triggered by the likes of Amazon.
The current industry is as unpredictable as it is fast-paced. To succeed, you need a partner who will keep you up-to-date on all that’s happening. Our portfolio of state-of-the-art technology, including GxCare™, GxClaims™, GxTrace™, GxDash™, and GxMaps™ will position you to make the most of new opportunities.

As the saying goes, “One small step in the right direction; one giant leap towards transformation.” Or something like that. To learn how you can maximize your investment in people and knowledge with technology for transformation, visit https://galaxe.com/products today!

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