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Putting people first. It is a mantra endemic to every successful organization in any industry. When put into practice externally, it fuels positive client interactions and builds relationships. Internally, where I focus my efforts, it is a recipe for employee engagement and career growth.

In the weeks ahead I plan to focus on a range of topics aimed at lifting employees up and helping them succeed, delving into such areas as:

  • Building corporate culture
  • Investing in professional development
  • Providing employees with the tools they need to be successful
  • Allowing employees to work as autonomously as possible
  • Soliciting regular employee feedback
  • Recognizing employee work including ‘small wins’
  • When and how often to invest in technology upgrades for your employees

With best practice ‘dos’ we will also examine worst practice ‘don’ts’ including:Workplace motivation killers.

And, while providing advice for employers we plan to similarly offer perspectives of interest to employees, for example: Tips for successfully pitching ideas to management.

The old adage: An organization is only as good as its people has, perhaps, never been more apropos. An economy continuing to make positive strides means more job opportunities and competition for good people. How you operate as a company and the corporate culture you create and cultivate is vitally important to employee attraction, retention and growth – and the growth of the organization.

See you back here soon.

Michele Cohen, SVP Human Resources

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