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DevOps is a software engineering practice that unifies product development (dev) and operations (ops). It can create more frequent releases with shorter development cycles that result in more reliable products that aligns with your business objectives. In order to be truly effective, DevOps relies on techniques such a Continuous Deliver (CD), which, in turn, requires Continuous Integration (CI) and in regulated environments, Continuously Validation (CV). In order to be valuable in your environment, CI/CD/CV needs to be fast and accurate. Data driving automation allows you to analyze very large data sets making it possible to gather feedback very rapidly without hours of human labor. Due to this type of continuous validation you can complete continuous deployment with a high degree of confidence. Launching solutions and testing in the area work provides valuable feedback, ensuring efficacy, safety, and reliability. In fact, in product development, an efficient feedback loop can mean the difference between success and failure. It is critical that this feedback is incorporated into your product development to inform how the product is marketed and used. The combination of the information gathered before it shipped, with how the product is being used, and the delivered value means that you can reconcile the difference between the product precepts, product development and real world use and value. This kind of triangulation verifies and authenticates, not only how well the product was built but the precept and assumptions behind the design of the product itself leaving no possibility on the table for unexpected consequences. This gives your quality teams the ability to stay one step ahead and increase reliability, value, and productivity, with a corresponding reduction in production errors. By leveraging automation to create robust feedback loops that will make DevOps fast, practical and very real for even regulated environments like healthcare.  GalaxE can help you benchmark your current DevOps maturity and has provided a roadmap to reach your full potential. To capitalize on the power of DevOps and learn more about what is possible with today’s technologies contact GalaxE today.

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