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In order to be truly effective, DevOps relies on Continuous Delivery (CD), which, in turn, requires Continuous Integration (CI). The release of incremental software changes needs not only automated release mechanisms, but also testing, code quality, security and privacy controls, and validation steps. For organizations in a highly regulated environment such as healthcare, validation must be taken a step further through the process of Continuous Validation (CV). GalaxE is the only technology services firm that offers automated mapping, test design, and execution for CD/CI/CV through our enhanced tools, GxMaps™ and GxDash™.

GxMaps™ is an automated dependency mapping tool that quickly identifies and assesses the impact of programming changes on people, processes, and systems. GxDash™ offers centralized command and control to provide holistic information and analysis to aid in decision making. With this suite of tools, GalaxE is the solution.

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