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Every business knows the challenges of keeping up with industry demands and regulation that consistently shift. Those companies that get ahead are the most nimble and prepared to adapt to unique, unforeseen demands. This is why shifting left and leveraging DevOps, Continuous Integrations and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), and Agile Engineering allow them the ability to develop operations to be more cost-effective, be delivered faster, and better utilize customer feedback. QA automation solutions are a natural progression for this type of delivery system that ultimately allow for the development of products with speed, sophistication, and consistency.

It’s news to no one that getting your product to market faster is a huge benefit. Businesses interested in getting a leg up in this way should implement data-driven automation to maximize their knowledge base, both growing it and using what’s already there more cost-effectively. In order to stay ahead of the reinvention cycle, businesses need to apply technologies, tools, and frameworks that leverage resources businesses possess already into all-around more effective implementation.

Half of the challenge of being the first to market is determining what about a certain product needs updating or revision. That’s where having an efficient a process feedback loop is key for teams already working on projects. Diagnosing potential areas for improvement by analyzing large banks of data is best done via automation, which can simply process that information faster than any human. DevOps allows for the integration of these automation tools while the cycle is still ongoing, giving faster and more accurate results. Otherwise, analysts will be stuck waiting for the end of the cycle to synthesize this data into a workable solution. While the competition is still scrolling through spreadsheets, you’re drawing up designs for the next iteration.

Furthermore, teams that can rely on the power of data-automation are more self-sufficient. They need to ask fewer questions, meaning less waiting before making major changes. These teams can find which solutions aren’t quite working, return to update their data, then rinse and repeat until a market-ready product is produced. The data produced in their process will be added to the extant bank, making future analysis even more thorough and efficient. That means even your team’s mistakes drive them toward the next solution.

GalaxE’s DevOps, CI/CD, and Agile Engineering enablement tools GxMaps™, GxDash™ and GxQuality™ and are a natural progression from QA automation that, once integrated, enhance redundancy, diversity, reliability, and fault tolerance that these tools already offer at the highest of levels. Integrating these solutions into your business are essential for efficient adaptation to shifting markets, regulation, and customer demands. Without them, businesses risk being left in the dust.

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