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Many Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) systems are missing critical features resulting in reduced productivity and security. Understanding how to translate high-level internal business goals and roadmaps into actionable policies and digital-ready infrastructure requires advanced optics and risk management. Other services only come with limited automation and orchestration services and some of these systems isolate business units and create legacy data issues. GalaxE has a tool called GxInfra™ that is a cross-platform solution to knowledge silos, documentation, troubleshooting, security, performance, and C-Level reporting. Our application-based policy automation and management system uses analytics, automation, compliance, and remediation to enhance network performance and reliability and our DCIM expertise allows us to create customized services that provide granular optics that go beyond the application layer. In addition, GalaxE’s one-stop-shop approach uses proprietary data collectors to compare multiple data points that can uncover hard to detect issues, suggest recommended fixes, and track remediation progress. The best part of GxInfra™, however, might just be what you do not get.

GxInfra™ leverages a multistep process to transform your existing network. By utilizing an enterprise-wide impact analysis, dashboard for reverse and forward engineering, and a future state definition, our team can generate a comprehensive set of roadmaps and reports that improve your data center management

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