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Rather than creating one big software release at the end of the development process as in the traditional waterfall approach, an iterative waterfall uses multiple “mini-releases”. There are still distinct phases, but they are intertwined and overlap with each other. As each phase is completed, it is released to make sure it is working properly. This helps reduce risk and provides incremental delivery of value. But in order to make this approach successful, you must first master process decomposition and process isolation which will assist you in protecting each part of your process. GalaxE uses a proprietary automated tool set, GxMaps™ and GxDash™. Our unique approach provides you with holistic information and analysis to aid you in mastering this phase in your DevOps journey. At GalaxE we are constantly on the lookout for high-performing, self-motivated, and dedicated candidates to develop and deliver next-generation solutions catering to the diverse IT needs of our prestigious clients.

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