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GalaxE.Solutions on the Mackinac Policy Conference

By Tim Bryan

All of our new Michigan friends told us: “Join the Detroit Regional Chamber – and make sure you attend the Mackinac Policy Conference.” New to the region, we knew little of the annual event. An initial look at the agenda was intriguing, including sessions to discuss keys to Michigan’s economic recovery as well as dialogue on the rapidly evolving healthcare industry, a growing segment where we are prominent. We were not disappointed.

Overall, what struck us the most about the Conference was the access that it provided to key business and political leadership. From day one and the opening session, participants were interested in our “newcomer’s” perspective on future possibilities and potential in Detroit and Michigan; why we chose this region and why others, we feel, should do the same. The opportunities for meaningful, two-way dialogue were virtually unlimited. We made a number of outstanding contacts.

In the days and months ahead, we look forward to continuing to get to know our new neighbors throughout the region and, together, making the case for expanding business in Detroit. Our success will be due in no small part to the Detroit Regional Chamber and the powerful Mackinac experience.

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