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Our automation based approach to solving business problems will shift your talent focus from process to strategic initiatives. The GxAccelerators is a powerful suite of products that employs automation to analyze current systems and assist with mapping your organization’s future state. Best of all, these tools work together synergistically to identify gaps and challenges in your systems.

Some of the benefits of this solution suite include:

  • End-to-end traceability
  • Out-of-the-box parsers
  • Automated building of dependency maps in a database
  • Find and analyze the impact of changes in a particular code repository enterprise

Now let’s take a look at each tool in turn.

GxRay™ provides a profound and independent view of a system’s internal workings and business process behavior. This tool employs automation and innovative methodologies (based on ISO-12207) that validate system functionality, providing a holistic view of workings and process behavior. And GxRay™ is 80% faster than comparative manual analysis.

Key features of GxRay™ include:

  • Verification of existing product or system against business and technical requirements
  • Identification of functional and technical gaps
  • Validation of existing products or systems against current market demand – both functional and technical
  • Provides short and long-term solutions, recommendations, and a technical roadmap

We created GxMaps™ to quickly identify and assess the impact of programming changes on people, processes, and systems throughout an organization. This automated dependency mapping tool assists our clients in conducting a thorough analysis. Use GxMaps™ for both reverse and forward engineering in multiple programming languages. GxMaps™ provides 100% end-to-end audit ready traceability and reduces production errors by up to 50%.

Key features of GxMaps™ include:

  • Map updates linked to change management
  • Synonym dictionary for Sys- related ontologies
  • Pattern match (for boundaries and changes)
  • Linked trees for traceability of call stack with version IDs
  • Doc parser for impact assessment
  • Integrated into automated release management (for Tier 6 Agile and DevOps)
  • Codebase for COBOL, C++, .NET, Java, DB2, Oracle DB, JS, BV, PowerBuilder, SAP

You can reduce your dependence on tribal knowledge and FTE by automating vertical, legacy, and future tier trace functionalities, as well as test case and condition generation with GxDash™. This tool allows you to elevate the role of service provider staff to scientists, decision-makers, and advisors. GxDash™ produces a 75% effort reduction in impact analysis and a 30% cost savings across the entire SDLC

Key features of GxDash™ include:

  • Vertical Trace
  • Legacy to Future Tier Trace
  • Test Case and Condition Generator
  • 5-Tier Hierarchy:
    • Business Processes (BP)
    • High-Level Use Cases (HLUC)
    • Transaction/Screen Flows (TF/SF)
    • Data/Domain Elements (DE)
    • Code Assets/Tables/SP

GxInfra™ is a full-scale, end-to-end service that evaluates steady-state data center environments to enhance efficiency, reliability, dependability, and security. This tool provides a fully-automated response to incident mitigation and security remediation, allowing faster response times for detection and isolation. That means your network is able to protect itself without human intervention. GxInfra™ covers over 30 compliance and governance standards.

Key features of GxInfra™ include:

  • Cross platform functionality
  • L2 & L3 network diagram complete with single points of failure and choke points
  • Network optimization and benchmarking to draw on regional architecture and DCIM metrics for comparison and rating
  • AI and ML technology enable a reduction in human error
  • Reduces dependence on tribal knowledge
  • Reduces headcount, time, and cost of delivery

Using our automation tools will provide you with a better understanding of your systems, where you are today and where you need to be. Our approach is simple. Strategic planning saves time and money – obviating the need for rework and redesign of technical solutions during implementation. GxRay™ brings to the industry revolutionary innovation, methodologies, and automated tools that validate system functionality, providing a profound and independent view into a system’s internal workings and business process behavior with cross-platform reverse engineering tools like GxMaps™, GxDash™, and GxInfra™.  How do you stay ahead of the next evolution of change?  Automation.

Learn more about our transformation tools here.

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