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Create a résumé that will stand out

As director of global recruit­ing for GalaxE Solutions, an IT company with offices in Detroit, New Jersey, Canada and India, Ryan Hoyle estimates he sees several hundred résumés a week – a number that can spike to the thousands when the company receives media coverage.

With so much competition, Hoyle says creating a resume that will grab a recruiter’s attention is more crucial than ever.

“Finding applicants is not a problem – processing candi­dates is,” he says. “A resume’ is a summary of individual work experience. What stands out are résumés that clearly accom­plish that goal.”

With that in mind, here are Hoyle’s tips for making your résumé get noticed – for the right reasons.

Keep your resume to two pages.

Hoyle says he will allow up to three pages for those n fields where technology changes rapidly for seasoned professionals. But, he’s seen résumés up to 10 pages long – a big no-no.

Make it reader-friendly.

Use a bulleted style with quick tidbits that are helpful as op­posed to long paragraphs that recruiters have to sift through and often throw in the trash. Hoyle’s advice: “Remember, it’s a résumé, not a biography.’

Create a “key accomplish­ments” section.

Those who have a long work history should use this section to summarize areas of professional growth and specific value they’ve brought to previous employers.

This is not the place to list job duties; save that for the work experience section,” Hoyle says.

Finally, when in doubt as to whether you should include something, Hoyle suggests ask­ing, “Does it make me look good to the person reviewing the re­sume?” If you’re not sure, leave it out. “You have two pages, so use your real estate wisely,” he says.

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