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Outsource to America™ and Your Community

Read more about how Outsource to Detroit™ was covered by news outlets across the United States and around the globe.

03.11.2011 CNBC Outsourcing Jobs to … Detroit? View Article
05.08.2011 Detroit Free Press Sourcing Work Welcomed Here View Article
05.20.2011 mlive.com Detroit Links View Article
06.03.2011 ABC 7 Detroit Detroit company Galaxy Solutions makes big waves at Macknac Policy Conference View Article
06.03.2011 Detroiter Outsource To Detroit View Article
06.03.2011 The Detroit News Paving right path is key to Michigan’s recovery View Article
06.05.2011 Crain’s Detroit Business IT ‘inshoring’ creates hundreds of jobs View Article
08.05.2011 Associated Press Obama Commerce official Fernandez visits Detroit View Article
08.05.2011 mlive.com Obama Commerce aide Fernandez: Government willing to help Detroit become an IT-hub View Article
09.29.2011 CBS Detroit NEW IT Industry Campaign: Outsource to Detroit View Article
09.29.2011 mlive.com Ten-story Apple iPad banner changed to ‘Outsource to Detroit’ for GalaxE.Solutions View Article
09.30.2011 mlive.com White House official: Obama to do all he can to support job growth to Detroit View Article
10.02.2011 CBS Detroit “Outsource to Detroit” Is Goal of Detroit Based IT Company View Article
10.05.2011 The Detroit News Tech Firm Touts Local Workers View Article
10.20.2011 Detroit Jewish News Designation Detroit – Urban Employment View Article
01.2012 Detroit Regional Chamber GalaxE.Solutions CEO Tim Bryan Introduces President at White House “Insourcing American Jobs” Forum View Article
01.2012 Site Selection Where the Tech Jobs Are View Article
01.07.2012 WhiteHouse.gov President Obama Hosts ‘Insourcing American Jobs’ Forum at the White House View Article
01.09.2012 Detroit News Obama Invites GalaxE.Solutions CEO to U.S. jobs forum View Article
01.11.2012 DEGC Outsource to Detroit View Article
01.11.2012 Detroit News Obama touts ‘Outsource to Detroit’ View Article
01.11.2012 ENews Park Forest Remarks by President Obama On Insourcing American Jobs View Article
01.11.2012 Nearshore Americas Insourcing Jobs for Americans: Can It Work? View Article
01.11.2012 OutlookIndia.com US Firms Insourcing Jobs from China, Japan, Mexico View Article
01.11.2012 Political Digest Online President Obama Hosts “Insourcing American Jobs” Forum at the White House View Article
01.11.2012 SiliconIndia News India Could Be New Job Hub for U.S. Insourcing Jobs View Article
01.12.2012 Detroit News Obama touts Ford’s job ‘insourcing’ View Article
01.12.2012 Pure Michigan Michigan companies participate in White House forum View Article
01.13.2012 Automation Alley GalaxE.Solutions CEO Tim Bryan Introduces President at “Insourcing American Jobs” Forum at White House View Article
01.13.2012 Detroiter Weekly CEO of GalaxE.Solutions Introduces President at Insourcing Forum View Article
01.15.2012 CBS Detroit GalaxE.Solutions CEO Introduces President View Article
01.19.2012 CIO Obama wants less offshoring, as vendors see U.S. shift View Article
01.25.2012 Computerworld Obama attacks offshoring, seeks via reform View Article
01.25.2012 Detroit News Sign of the Times in Detroit View Article
02.2012 dbusiness Magic Time View Article
02.2012 Detroiter GalaxE.Solutions CEO Introduces President at Jobs Forum View Article
02.03.2012 Automation Alley GalaxE.Solutions CEO Tim Bryan meets with U.S. Senators for job creation roundtable, highlights “Outsource to Detroit” View Article
02.05.2012 NJ.com Three Questions: Tim Bryan of GalaxE.Solutions, a Somerset firm that promotes “insourcing”. View Article
07.18.2012 mlive Senate set to vote on Stabenow’s Bring Jobs Home Act View Article
09.14.2012 The Atlantic 4 Lessons for Building a Strong Tech Economy in Cities View Article
11.2012 X-ology Technology Company of the Year View Article
10.10.2013 Detroit Urban Innovation Exchange Timothy Bryan View Article

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