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The team at GalaxE has proven ability to drive cost savings through innovation. We specialize in strategy, transformation, applications development, large scale integration work associated with mergers and acquisitions and complex high speed, high volume, high data systems processing millions of transactions in a 24/7 environment. GalaxE.Solutions is a technology services firm that implements innovative and transformative business enablement through the integration of knowledge, process automated technological advances at all levels of an enterprise. Three out of many reasons why GalaxE employees are so special is because we don’t give up, we build relationships, and everyone’s voice is heard. Most of our people are senior level that worked in the industry for six, ten, fifteen or twenty years and when people join GalaxE they stay with us. We are full game consulting company. Our work environment is a great learning experience. Joining GalaxE gives people the opportunity to grow and exceed comfort limitations. Our team  is all about using automation and technology to solve your problems and you can’t possibly do that unless you have people that know the business. Recognized over the last 28 years as a time-tested and accomplished problem solver, we attribute our success to our PEOPLE.

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