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GxEngage™: Client Implementation Factory

GxEngage™, primarily a healthcare and finance industry solution, allows businesses to efficiently switch their service offerings from one platform to another as a result of M&A, new business, migration, re-platforming and/or consolidation. It is a cross-implementation engine that selects business rules/processes and technology stacks for migration from one set of applications to another for as-is application, upgrades or entirely new technologies. GxEngage™ reduces the number of unexpected outcomes, as well as time spent testing new platforms and remediation efforts for data transfer/client onboarding.

Key features of GxEngage™ include:

  • Automated tools provide the visibility and traceability needed to transform business systems and processes
  • Flexibility to quickly switch platform/vendors with speed and accuracy
  • UI driven, does not require coding, scripting of queries
  • Bi-directional traceability of intent all the way to implementation and adjudication performance
  • Pattern match engine for healthcare and financial transaction behavior
  • Predictability of customer experience and pricing
  • Tailored to support the migration of high volume systems such as client onboarding within the Healthcare and Financial services industries

Points of value:

  • Expedited implementation using automation
  • Predictable and guaranteed quality
  • Maintain and/or improve customer experience
  • Reduce your business exposure and SME hours
  • Faster issue resolution and client satisfaction
  • Tools and expertise needed to successfully navigate the complex world of M&A


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