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GxWave™: Artificial Intelligence and Voice Technologies

GxWave™ focuses on automating Gx automation. Gx Suite performs best in the intricate details using
automation. GalaxE AI uses these signals for training and achieves a personalized extension of your outreach via:

  • Predicting behavior, outcomes, remediation
  • A deeper 1:1 relationship with patients and other users based on a model of companionship using all of the information and insights to become a valuable friend

Key features of GxWave™ include:

  • Machine learning models expandable to Tensorflow, Caffe, CNTK, MXNET
  • AI-driven by natural language processing using services provided by Google
  • Voice assistants concept designed to be portable across devices and agents such as Alexa, Google Home, Cortana and Siri
  • Cloud and on-premise versions
  • Provides dialog engineering to enable relationship building with human users such as patients, and banking customers

Points of value:

  • Act as a companion for patients and seniors at hospitals and homes for virtual care
  • Connect pharmacist to patient over video for customer service
  • Predict business outcomes using what-if analysis
  • Enable qualitative checks on software delivery processes for SQA activities


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