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Outsource to America™ and Your Community

The company’s Outsource to Hartford® program expanding its national diversity workforce to bring positions to Hartford.

HARTFORD, CONN. – FEBRUARY 3, 2022 –  GalaxE.Solutions, a pioneer in IT enterprise transformation, is today announcing it is bringing hundreds of additional jobs to Hartford through its Outsource to Hartford® effort, a program designed to serve as a catalyst for tech transformation and economic revitalization and workforce development. GalaxE is supporting a Connecticut-based client.

More than 100 service desk positions that are currently with an offshore IT company located in the Philippines will be brought to Hartford.  In addition to these 100 positions, GalaxE will also be hiring an additional 80 employees who are trained in the field of information technology through its workforce development program.  Of these 80 new trainees, GalaxE will focus on hiring from a wide pool of talent, including those underrepresented individuals from the city of Hartford, where every individual will have a job opportunity at the completion of training.

“We are thrilled to bring more tech employment opportunities to Hartford,” said Tim Bryan, CEO, and founder, GalaxE.Solutions. “These career positions – that would traditionally be outsourced overseas – are perfect for members of this community as they have the ability now to be successful in the field of information technology.  We are committed to training new IT talent in Hartford.”

Focused on the creation of technology jobs, Hartford is one of GalaxE’s “Outsource to” cities in the rapidly expanding national Outsource to America® program, which engages in broad outreach to recruit and train a culturally, racially, and ethnically diverse and inclusive workforce.

“We are excited that GalaxE.Solutions and Outsource to Hartford has once again brought technology jobs to Hartford, and we appreciate their commitment to hiring residents of Hartford,” said Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin. “Our city is a hub for information technology, and we’re proud to have companies like GalaxE.Solutions that build partnerships and invest in the people of Hartford. This program will help us strengthen our economy with good jobs and a skilled workforce in a field that is growing every day.”

The Outsource to America® and Outsource to Hartford® programs are designed to bring jobs back to the U.S. and demonstrate how an onshore workforce utilizing local talent could be more resilient and more secure with fewer limitations than the offshore model. The program focuses on local communities, opportunities, and partnerships with the objective to create a well-rounded and representative workforce.


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GalaxE.Solutions, Inc., is a leading provider of professional technology services specializing in enterprise transformation. With more than 30 years of experience in the healthcare, retail, and financial industries the company is a full-service consulting firm focused on improving client competitiveness, efficiency, and optimized business results. In addition to its corporate headquarters and primary delivery center in Somerset, New Jersey, GalaxE.Solutions has North American offices and delivery centers in Detroit, Hartford, New York, Milwaukee, Nashville, St. Louis, and Toronto, Canada. Other locations include Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Noida, India as well as the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Belgium, Brazil, China, Ireland, Japan, and Singapore. For more information about GalaxE.Solutions and its portfolio of services including GxFource®, visit Galaxe.com.

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