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In the last decade, the healthcare industry has become increasingly focused on optimizing the integration between Payer and PBM which has shown significant improvement in controlling the cost of drugs, and most importantly, optimizing the focus on whole-person health. Although health plans are recognizing that the value of pharmacy benefits can be increased by integrating pharmacy data into broader patient care activities, they often hesitate to integrate based on the risks that such a massive undertaking carries.

With more than 30 years of expertise among the largest PBM and Payer clients, we have the critical capabilities and talent to ensure zero member disruption post-migration. As a result, our health plan clients have achieved better accuracy, reliability, and faster speed to market, allowing them to drive better client and patient outcomes. Learn how GalaxE provides end-to-end support for the transition of business and technical operations for Payers migrating to a new PBM or making changes to an existing relationship.

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