Voice Technologies for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers need to focus on lowering cost, increasing personalized and timely attention to patients, and alignment with the next generation of patients and around the clock availability. By leveraging voice technologies, which will soon be a mainstay in homes around the globe, providers are easily available to patients and can provide the level of personal care the next generation demands.

Machine Learning for PBMs, Solutions for Better Healthcare

With the introduction of new players in the industry such as large wholesalers and online providers driving massive change and desire for transparency, PBMs face a real challenge in the reinvention and maintenance of their value proposition towards the betterment of patients’ health and wellness.

GalaxE Leverages Automation for Top Pharmacy Benefit Management

A $4 billion healthcare information services company initiated automated QA processing of benefit forms resulting in a 25% reduction in processing time and a 100% reduction in direct mail errors. We are more than a consultant crunching numbers. We are a trusted partner who can help you achieve your goals.