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GxCapture™: Benefit Load Certification, Claims Generation and Claims Testing

GxCapture™ is a guided intent capture portal to facilitate on-boarding of new clients. Designed to be configurable and customizable, this web-based system portal can be used in the field and integrated with a downstream benefits managements system.

Key features of GxCapture™ include:

  • Intake (automated load, manual entry, system extracts, existing copying) benefits design from employer groups and internal product design groups
  • Searches products and plans to continually build, review, and reuse
  • Rules-driven guided intent and information capture with validation available at the earliest point in time of information capture
  • Dynamic definition of product characteristics to address changing market and regulatory need
  • Upfront validation on supported and unsupported features
  • Generate product feature reports for review
  • Publish product design for sales and marketing collateral
  • Publish information for metrics data stores and generate reports
  • Copy existing products and plans for reuse, time, and cost saving

Points of value:

  • Minimize guess work and fully integrate new client on-boarding
  • Automate system and intent gathering to minimize errors
  • Increase your clients’ speed to market and stay ahead of market demand


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