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GxDash™: Dashboard for Reverse and Forward Engineering

GxDash™ provides centralized command control and CxO level decision making with holistic information and implements an enterprise dashboard for all technology tiers, providing automation for building dependency maps, predictive analysis, code, and test case generation.

GxDash™ focuses on the following types of searches and the impact on applications:

  • The user must be able to do a string search and the result should highlight all the components which contain the search string in the form of a dependency tree across the application
  • The user must be able to see the cyclomatic complexity and generate reports for one or more source code component(s)
  • The user must be able to do static dependency analysis
  • The user must be able to do cross application impact and complexity analysis

Points of value:

  • One stop enterprise view for operational clarity
  • Predictive analysis to reduce risk
  • Improved decision making drives strategic results


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