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GxMaps™: Enterprise Wide Automated Dependency Maps and Impact Analysis

GxMaps™ finds and analyzes the impact of changes in a particular code repository enterprise-wide, including documents in different programming languages that reside in a separate code environment.

Change is constant. In order to quickly identify and assess the impact of programming changes on people, processes, and systems throughout an organization, we have developed an automated dependency mapping tool to assist our clients in conducting a thorough analysis. GxMaps™ can be used for both reverse and forward engineering purposes in multiple programming languages.

Key features of GxMaps™ include:

  • Solution works across technology boundaries
  • Map updates linked to change management so linked tress are updated manually Synonym dictionary for Sys- related ontologies
  • Pattern match (for boundaries and changes) Linked trees for traceability of call stack with version IDs
  • Doc parser for impact assessment
  • Integrated in automated release management (for Tier 6 Agile and DevOps)
  • Codebase for COBOL, C++, .NET, Java, DB2, Oracle DB, JS, BV, PowerBuilder, SAP
  • Reduce dependence on tribal knowledge; client FTEs
  • Elevates role of service provider staff to: scientists, decision makers, advisors and very often, stewards of key business info, provider of best practices, and factory environment

Points of value:

  • Mapping across technology boundaries gives a more complete view of the enterprise
  • Reduce risk of downstream impacts from changes
  • Reduce time to market for changes through optimized identification of impacts


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