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GxQuality™ : CI/CV,CD Quality Processes and Automation

GxQuality™ provides end-to-end quality assurance leveraging automation to generate test scenarios and data which validates project test results leveraging CI/CD, CV. This solution builds traceability to test conditions and test data with the availability of onshore/offshore team managed services. We specialize in comprehensive, enterprise-wide testing solutions including DevOps, CI/CD, CV and release management solutions.

Key features of GxQuality™ include:

• Functional and Non-Functional Testing – Responsibility based testing (RBT), test automation, system and user acceptance, integration and performance testing

• Test Script Generation – Coverage manager including rules engine (risk or change based) and capture use, invocation across landscape and maps updates

• Test Data Management – Synthetic data, data selection, and harness

• Test Results Validation – Stage gate feature, test results, workflow opportunities

• Specialized Testing – Web services/SQA, database and middleware, and business process testing, compliance, and validation services

• Regression Testing – Automation minimizes long-term efforts

• Certification + Reverse Certification – Expertise in consolidation, modernization/upgrades, M&A integration and platform migration

Points of value:

• Automated regression testing drives faster capabilities to market

• Complete QA infrastructure automated and optimized for your environment