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GxRay™: Future State Definition

GalaxE ISO-12207 based GxRay™ methodology is a rigorous process that validates system functionality against business and technical requirements while identifying gaps and challenges.

Our approach is simple. Strategic planning saves time and money by obviating the need for rework and redesign of technical solutions during implementation. This independent verification and validation solution identifies your future state and provides an automated “x-ray” of your entire system.

GxRay™ brings to the industry new innovation, methodologies, and automated tools that validate system functionality, providing a profound and independent view into a system’s internal workings and business process behavior.

Key features of GxRay™ include:

  • Verification of existing product or system against business and technical requirements
  • Identification of functional and technical gaps
  • Validation of existing products or systems against current market demand – both functional and technical
  • Provides short and long-term solutions, recommendations and technical road map

Points of value:

  • Comfort in definitively knowing where you stand
  • Strategic plan to address deficiencies
  • Independent verification and validation gives you peace of mind
  • 100% traceability from where you are, to where you need to be


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