2018 GxTrace Download PDF

GxTrace™: Automated Controls for Audit Readiness, Monitoring and Alerting

GxTrace™ enables compliance and accuracy, ensuring authentic detail for operations and audits through end-to-end traceability. Our automated approach provides the detail required for compliance with any guideline, standard or regulation, delivering a 50% reduction in compliance-related costs

Key features of GxTrace™ include:

• A 5-step process to trace transactions across systems and technologies without any reference ID

• Allows for a many to many relationships as transactions propagate across systems

• Solves for online (synchronous) and queued/batch (asynchronous) transaction processes

• Separate from the system being observed

• Introduced no overhead to system being observed; senses through replication of data stores

• Big data ingestion solution • Near real-time processing enhancements

• Simulation models for audit universes, just-in-time escalations before failures

Points of value:

• Accelerated audit response allows you to focus on your business

• Manual effort reduction allows team members to focus on adding value to the business

• Documented audit compliance gives you a competitive advantage