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GalaxE.Solutions Chairman and CEO Tim Bryan met with job creators and U.S. Senators yesterday, including Debbie Stabenow, co-chair of the Senate Manufacturing Caucus, at a national job creation roundtable in Washington, D.C. Bryan, together with select companies from around the country, discussed efforts to create and repatriate jobs to the U.S.

Said Senator Stabenow: “Michigan businesses and entrepreneurs are leading the nation in clean energy patents, advanced battery production and other high-tech industries helping to transform our economy to create new jobs. It’s only fitting that Michigan business leaders had a seat at today’s national roundtable on job creation. I was pleased to host Tim and others who discussed how public-private partnerships are creating new jobs and shared ideas for how to support American businesses.”

“As the demand for increasingly complex IT services grows, offshore-based IT firms are challenged in providing quality, innovation and other efficiencies,” said Bryan. “This represents a tremendous opportunity to bring IT jobs back to the U.S. through programs such as ‘Outsource to Detroit.”

The Outsource to Detroit campaign focuses on creating a healthcare IT hub in downtown Detroit with a model that offers an alternative to work going offshore. GalaxE has already hired more than 150 IT professionals with more than 200 immediate openings – a sign that the “Outsource to Detroit” model is successful and growing with companies nationwide.

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GalaxE.Solutions, Inc., is a leading provider of software services and IT business support systems. With over 20 years of experience in the healthcare, retail, and financial industries, the company facilitates the secure sharing of critical information across internal networks and over the Internet to improve client competitiveness, efficiency, and business results. In addition to its corporate headquarters and primary delivery center in Somerset, New Jersey, GalaxE.Solutions has additional offices and delivery centers in Detroit, New York, NY, Toronto, Canada, China, the United Kingdom and Bangalore and Hyderabad, India. For more information about GalaxE.Solutions and its portfolio of services, including its proprietary Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) process, visit https://galaxe.com, or call +1-732-868-0400.

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