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Gx Suite poised to revolutionize how IT solutions are identified, implemented

With today’s sophisticated IT systems requiring optimal innovation, accuracy, security and more government compliance than ever before, the need is great for new and more sophisticated tools to analyze and create effective roadmaps for updating existing IT solutions.  GalaxE.Solutions today announced the launch of the Gx Suite – new automation products aimed at addressing this intense demand for a better technology-driven way forward.

Traditionally, in environments where the scale of IT work is massive, companies have dedicated scores of individuals to assess systems poised for upgrading. The Gx Suite of services turns that model on its ear, applying proprietary automation tools to more accurately and efficiently analyze and determine the best path for building or upgrading a particular custom IT system.

“Where such analysis in the past may have taken weeks or months to complete, we can now streamline the process to days with far greater accuracy,” said Tim Bryan, CEO, GalaxE.Solutions. “That translates into game-changing insight and tremendous efficiencies in cost, strategy development and speed-to market.”

GalaxE.Solutions’ Gx Suite offerings include:

  • GxClaims: Claims selector and analyzer for adjudication behavior validation
  • GxCare: Medical and pharmacy benefits management for increased accuracy and efficiency
  • GxTrace: Automated controls for Regulatory and Compliance audit readiness, monitoring and alerting
  • GxRay: Current state automated discovery and Future state actionable roadmap and project plan
  • GxDash: Dashboard for reverse engineering, forward engineering and on-going governance
  • GxMaps: Enterprise wide impact analysis for end to end audit ready traceability
  • GxPrime: Automated portfolio, program, and project management for metrics-driven reporting and decision making
  • GxQuality: Enterprise Quality methodology and automation for increased accuracy and efficiency

“Automation-aided analysis coupled with professional expertise to develop custom software solutions is the future,” added Bryan. “With a software development center in Detroit, we feel right at home in the place where Henry Ford married automation to engineering innovation to revolutionize the auto industry a century ago. This innovative software solutions factory approach will marry man and machine to improve IT system efficacy and precision – for the healthcare, financial services and retail industries and beyond.”

About GalaxE.Solutions
GalaxE.Solutions, Inc., is a leading provider of software services and IT business support systems. With 25 years of experience in the healthcare, retail, and financial industries, the company facilitates the secure sharing of critical information across internal networks and over the Internet to improve client competitiveness, efficiency, and business results. In addition to its corporate headquarters and primary delivery center in Somerset, New Jersey, GalaxE.Solutions has additional offices and delivery centers in Detroit, New York, NY, Toronto, Canada, United Kingdom and Bangalore and Hyderabad, India. For more information about GalaxE.Solutions and its portfolio of services, including its proprietary Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) process, visit https://galaxe.com or call +1-732-868-0400

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