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GxCare™: Extending the Power of the Adjudication System

GxCare™ is an automated benefits plan management system for benefit intake, modeling, and cataloging that provides clients simplified benefits access for easier benefits maintenance and complete traceability. Automated benefit certification and benefit reuse are just some of the advantages that will drive increased operations efficiency, accuracy and enhanced speed to market. Designed to be scalable and flexible with rules-driven translations and benefit loading, GxCare™ traceability means you are always audit-ready.

Key features of GxCare™ include:

  • Benefit Plan Management – Collect, interpret, and analyze plan data to develop a road map for long-term sustainability
  • Formulary Management – Streamline processes
  • Benefit Plan Design – Increase quality and efficiency of plan design and reduce number and volume of manual and administrative tasks
  • Error Reduction – Reduce costs and error rates arising out of coding, typing, or translation in the manual process and deliver a high degree of predictability and accuracy in plan performance
  • Speed to Market – Facilitate rapid speed to market including the capability to support multiple iterations of design, analysis, testing and certification, feedback, and redesign
  • Adjudication System – Externalize the adjudication system’s plan design structures and behavior

Points of value:

  • Increase your bottom line
  • Minimize audit impact and duration
  • Minimize negative business impact resulting from human error


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